You can reverse your diabetes!

12 weeks program to reboot your metabolism.
Sustainable changes are possible with clinically-validated, simple steps.
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You are not alone.

420 million people have been diagnosed type 2 diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes develops years before it is diagnosed.

The underlying causes can be reversed, without medication, from home.

That's exactly the mission of our program at Span. Ready?

Let's get started

Insulin resistance is the hormonal imbalance at the center of type 2 diabetes: this is what you're going to reverse.

Indeed, recently biomedical research and clinical trials have shown that insulin sensitivity can be progressively restored without medication.

You're going to leverage nutritional ketosis: a state of your body where fatty acids are used instead of glucose as a fuel for energy production. You will still get energy, while reducing your body's dependance on glucose.

Here is how to start tracking & make changes to your diet.

1 week

Step 1: Reset

Learn and start to track fasting blood glucose & ketone levels every morning.

Make initial changes to get into ketosis:

  • limit your carbohydrates intake to 30g per day
  • prefer foods with a low glycemic index
  • adjust protein intake
  • find quality sources of fats (like olive oil and avocados)

Keep track of your intake in a journal or mobile app.

4 weeks

Step 2: Transition

You are in nutritional ketosis for an extended period of time!

Depending on how adapted to this state your body is, you can experience side effects, but nothing that cannot be controlled: water and electrolytes supplements will solve most symptoms.

2 weeks

Step 3: Adjust

Keep on learning, testing and figuring out which food work and do not work, while closely monitoring your fasting blood glucose and ketone levels, to optimize your plan.

5 weeks

Step 4: Maintain

Once you observe a steady decrease in blood sugar over a 3 day window, you're on the right way! Keep testing to ensure you're making progress every day.

Step 5: Enjoy

You've done it - great job! Now you have all the tools to stay healthy, and you need to keep monitoring frequently for the first year, or until your GP gets you off medication.

We'll still be here if you need us!

Our program

We have created a personalized therapy following these steps, as well as the tools to optimize your success.

Building a feedback loop is essential to set a personal baseline, understand what has impact and stay motivated.

We provide you with a smart blood monitoring device that gives you this feedback with the most accurate technology available today for blood glucose & ketone.

The measurements translate what your body says.

They give you and our doctors an indication of whether your metabolism is relying on glucose or fat as an energy source at a given time: this is how we assess ketosis.

Our mobile app allows you to track nutritional information as well as how you feel.

We use this information to provide you with personalized feedback on a daily basis, allowing you to learn and adjust quickly to reach your goal.

You can also reach our doctors directly via the chat on our mobile app.

Join our program today

Thanks, we'll be in touch shortly! Meanwhile see how to get started and our program below.
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Their stories

They did it, you can too

John, 65

He was diagnosed 7 years ago.

For over 3 years, he didn't make any change until his family intervened when he started showing higher risks of cardiovascular illnesses.

After researching online, they've built him a nutrition plan that allowed him to get off medication within 6 months.

Naomi, 36

She was diagnosed with pre-diabetes 3 years ago.

At the time, she drastically reduced the amount of foods with added sugar in her diet. She barely lost weight and the condition was still progressing, although slower.

A year ago, she heard from a friend that a ketogenic diet might help restore insulin sensitivity. 7 months later, her Hb1Ac was down to a normal level.

Henry, 74

He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 15 years ago.

Back then, he managed to stabilize his fasting blood sugar but thought he would live with medication for the rest of his life.

5 months ago he started on a program and today, his GP got him off medication: he is not diabetic anymore and he says he feels 15 years younger!

Helen, 47

She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 4 years ago.

Her doctor mentioned multiple symptoms associated to the metabolic syndrome, such as leaky gut. 6 weeks ago, he recomended her to try a low-carb diet.

While researching, she learned about ketosis and decided to adapt her diet to get into it. She's now on the way to recovery and has never felt better in her life.

Our vision

Mapping the human body

It's not just about type 2 diabetes: working with you allows us to better understand human physiology.

We learn from you and design prediction & machine learning technology to deliver personalized digital therapies that will allow us to achieve even better outcomes for everyone.

Meet our team

Most of us have experienced chronic diseases first-hand.

We are scientists at heart, with a first principles, data-driven, personalized approach to medicine.

Patrick Samy

Chief Executive Officer

User experience design & product engineering.

Previously at Techstars, Microsoft, and researcher at Stanford University.

Adam Bataineh

Chief Medical Officer

Genomics expert, looking at chronic diseases through the prism of aging.

Previously General Practitioner at the NHS, and co-founder of a telemedicine startup.

Lucia Aronica

Research Advisor, Stanford University

Awarded researcher in epigenetics, currently focusing on personalized nutrition.

Mike LaVigne

Product Advisor, Clue

Years of experience in user research, co-founder and chief product officer of the period tracking app Clue.

Renee Harris

Clinical Study Advisor, ICON

Designing and managing clinical studies for medical devices, including Medtronic, US leader for diabetes.

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