You can reverse your diabetes!

A clinically-proven approach to get off medication & insulin, reduce blood sugar & HbA1c, and lose weight.
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You are not alone

425 million people have been diagnosed type 2 diabetes.
The condition develops years before it is diagnosed.

You can reverse the underlying cause, without medication, only simple changes at home.

Our mission is to help you succeed. Ready?

What you can achieve

Based on the clinical evidence using an approach based on nutritional ketosis

Get off medication & insulin

No more hassle, nor side-effects

Decrease your blood sugar (HbA1c)

Avoid symptoms & complications

Lose weight & gain energy

Feel better, able to exercise more easily

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Let's design your health journey

Our approach and why it works

Step 4: Maintain

Once you observe a steady decrease in blood sugar over a 3 day window, you're on the right way! Keep testing to ensure you're making progress every day.









< 100 mg/dL


> 0.5 mmol/L


  • track blood glucose & ketone levels every morning

Everyone is different

We personalize our approach for your body, genes & lifestyle

1. A feedback loop is essential to stay motivated

Our blood tracking device gives you this feedback with accurate blood glucose & ketones numbers.
Set your personal baseline, understand how food impacts it, and track progress.

2. From these measurements, we understand your metabolism

We know whether you are using glucose or fat as an energy source, at a given time.
This is how we assess ketosis and learn if you are improving insulin sensitivity.

3. Our mobile app provides you ongoing support

With a personalized nutrition guide, you can learn, experiement, and optimise to reach your goals.
It allows you to reach our doctor and nutritionist directly on a chat whenever you need.

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Ongoing support for low-carb

Personalized nutrition plan
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12 weeks
based on nutritional ketosis

Tailored daily advice
Shoppable nutrition plans
Symptom management

Ongoing chat with your dedicated doctor and nutritionist

You can cancel anytime during the programs.

We're glad to have you onboard!

Look out for an email with the next steps
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They are now in remission using this approach

John, 67

He was diagnosed 7 years ago.

For over 3 years, he didn't make any change until his family intervened when he started showing higher risks of cardiovascular illnesses.

After researching online, they've built him a nutrition plan that allowed him to get off medication within 9 months.

Paula, 49

She was diagnosed with pre-diabetes 3 years ago.

At the time, she drastically reduced the amount of foods with added sugar in her diet. She barely lost weight and the condition was still progressing, although slower.

A year ago, she heard from a friend that a ketogenic diet might help restore insulin sensitivity. 7 months later, her Hb1Ac was down to a normal level.

Henry, 74

He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 15 years ago.

Back then, he managed to stabilize his fasting blood sugar but thought he would live with medication for the rest of his life.

11 months ago he started on a program and today, his GP got him off medication: he is not diabetic anymore and he says he feels 15 years younger!

Julia, 35

She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 4 years ago.

Her doctor mentioned multiple symptoms associated to the metabolic syndrome, such as leaky gut and recommended a low-carb diet.

She learned about ketosis and decided to adapt her diet to leverage it. She's now feeling better than ever and her HbA1c is lower than 5.0%.

Our vision

Mapping the human body

It's not just about type 2 diabetes: we learn from you to better understand human physiology and treat many chronic conditions in the future.

With machine learning, we design personalized digital therapies that allow us to achieve even better outcomes for everyone.

Meet your team

All of us have experienced chronic diseases first-hand.

We care from first principles, with a personal approach to medicine.

Patrick Samy

Chief Executive Officer

Product & Care

Pre-diabetic, previously at Techstars, Microsoft, and researcher at Stanford University.

Rachel Lett


Nutrition & Food

Cancer survivor, previously chef and nutritionist, with an interest in nutritional ketosis and gut health.

Adam Bataineh

Chief Medical Officer

Therapy & Clinical Studies

NHS internal medicine doctor, worked with thousands of diabetic patients in East London.

Lucia Aronica

Research Advisor, Stanford University

Awarded researcher in epigenetics, currently focusing on personalized nutrition and working on the largest study to date.

Mike LaVigne

Product Advisor, Clue

Years of experience in user research, co-founder and chief product officer of the period tracking app Clue.

Renee Harris

Clinical Advisor, ICON

Designing and managing clinical studies for medical devices, including Medtronic, US leader for diabetes.

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