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How We Age and What We Should Do About It

The Neuro Experience with Louisa Nicola
Podcast Episode

My guest today is a revolutionary thinker and medical doctor who’s on a mission to make you younger.

Scientists now know that short-term acute “stress” has powerful health and longevity benefits, as long as the stress subsides at some point.

For example, it’s long been known that exercise is good for us, but it wasn’t exactly clear why. Hormesis is the likely explanation.

Consuming nothing at all can also put your body into a temporary state of nutritional adversity. Extended malnourishment is not good, but smaller doses of calorie restriction can help promote longevity.

Adam is the Chief medical officer and co-founder of Span Health. He is also a medical doctor focused on longevity and aging. His background is in internal medicine and oncology with an MSc in genomics.

Show Notes

In this episode Adam teaches us:

- The Long-Term Benefits of Short-Term Stress

- Why ‘hormesis’ is key to your health and longevity

- How to age backwards

- What Metformin is and who should consume it.

- How tech is revolutionising the health space

Published on
November 3, 2021