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Better long-term outcomes. Lower costs.
Span allows insurers to save costs by reducing the dependence on medication and the burden on primary care. Our unique approach prevents the costly complications of lifestyle-induced diseases.

With over 20 years of clinical experience in personalized nutrition, Span can achieve rapid cost-savings while improving the outcomes for your customers.

We address the cause of metabolic disorders based on clinical evidence from our medical team, and aim for medication-free remission with a large majority of patients.

30% of health insurance costs are spent treating the complications of lifestyle-induced diseases.
Proactively cater to the needs of your entire population: our registered nutritionists and behavior experts will support them individually to alleviate symptoms, prevent complications sustainably, and live better, longer.

Our content is created by top clinicians and researchers from Stanford University and Duke University; combining the latest research, from nutrition science to behaviour change.

Using machine learning in our proprietary technology, we are structuring interventions that our clinicians can deliver with consistent outcomes at scale.
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