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August 12, 2019

Sushi is one of the things that many people miss the most when they eat low-carb. At last, we’ve tried and tested to find the best recipe, you won’t miss a grain of rice! Have a play around and add some of your favourite fillings.


1 serving




    1. To make sushi rice, mix together cauliflower, mascarpone, apple cider vinegar and season with salt—season well, to your taste (it should taste sharp and salty, like traditional sushi rice). Set aside
    2. For the dipping sauce combine liquid aminos, apple cider vinegar and chilli in a small dish that’s wide enough for dipping sushi pieces. Set aside
    3. To assemble your sushi roll, place 1 piece of nori, shiny side down on a chopping board. Using your finger and a spoon, thinly spread and press a third of of the cauliflower sushi rice onto the nori paper, leaving an inch from the top (this will be used to seal your roll later).
    4. In a neat strip, about 1cm from the bottom, place your desired filling across the rice.
    5. Using your finger or a pastry brush, dampen the top of the nori paper with water. From the bottom to the top, gently roll the sushi around the filling, moving forward and sealing with the dampened nori paper at the top.
    6. Using a sharp knife cut the nori into 1.5cm pieces and serve on a platter. Dunk each piece into the dipping sauce and enjoy!

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