Silky Scrambled Eggs

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Published on
August 13, 2019

Scrambled eggs are super speedy and so versatile. It’s definitely worthwhile knowing how to make them silky and soft. Follow these top tips and you’ll be chief, egg maker for breakfast and brunch!


1 serving




    1. Whisk the eggs, water and butter in a cold, heavy based pan. Season with salt and pepper— The water is key here and makes them super silky.
    2. Put the pan over a low heat and continue to stir with a spatula to gently cook the eggs. As the eggs slowly heat, the butter will melt and eventually with each stir, the pale cooked egg will envelop the raw.
    3. Keep the eggs moving and don’t be tempted to rush or increase the heat too much. This is a gently process and the eggs will only be as soft and tender as the hand that made them!
    4. The trick with making scrambled egg, is knowing when to take them off the heat. They should be wettish and silky, but not runny, or even worse, rubbery.
    5. Remember that they will continue to cook once you take them off the heat. Once they’re a touch under your desired consistency, immediately take them off the heat and serve.
    6. Pimp your scrambled eggs with bacon, smoked salmon, avocado, roasted aubergine, steamed broccoli, roasted cauliflower, salad and chilli oil.