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August 13, 2019

Making your own mayonnaise is a skill that is well worth investing in. Unlike its commercial alternative, homemade mayonnaise is full of nutrition, void of additives, and has a delicate texture that’s hard to beat. Turn your hand to the whisk and give it a try. Once you’ve mastered the art of emulsion, you’ll have a mayonnaise whipped up sooner than you can unscrew that jar.


1 serving




    1. In a wide bottomed bowl, whisk together the egg yolk, salt and mustard.
    2. Drop by drop, slowly add your preferred oil, speeding up to a steady steam as the mixture starts to thicken. You want the egg yolk to envelop the oil so it disappears. If you run into trouble, follow the tips below to salvage your mayonnaise.
    3. Once you’ve reached a little thicker than your desired consistency, stop adding oil. Adjust the seasoning, and a dash of acid like cider vinegar or lemon juice. This will thin out the mixture. Add more or less, depending on how sharp or thin you want it
    4. Serve with eggs, asparagus, fish, or eat it straight off the spoon!

    Top Tips :

    • Use room temperature ingredients

    • Place a tea towel or cloth underneath your bowl to stop it slipping

    • Use a ballon whisk

    • Use a wide bottomed bowl (like a pasta bowl

    • Give the egg yolk, salt and mustard a good whisk before adding the oil

    • Start off slow and build up to a steady stream of oil when you see it beginning to thicken

    How to Rescue Split Mayonnaise

    Just add a dash of hot water and “whisk-whisk-whisk”, until it comes back together. Then continue to add oil. Alternatively you can slowly whisk the split mixture into a new egg yolk, and proceed with more oil.

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