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Crispy Pork Belly

Preparation time: 

Nutritional ketosis is your license to indulge in moreish, fatty meats like pork belly—life is pretty sweet! Tender and crispy, the key is to cook it low and slow, and then raise the heat, right at the end.


1 serving

A note on cooking
I encourage you to embrace a freestyle way of cooking, and use this recipe as a guide. Don’t get too caught up in measuring things exactly — you can eyeball most things.

Cooking should be relaxing, unfussy and an opportunity for you to exercise your creativity. Don’t forget to taste as you go along, and use your intuition with flavours.

Trust your instinct, on whether it needs more of this, or more of that — cook to what you like!




    • Preheat the oven to 200°C (392°F)
    • Liberally season the pork belly with sea salt and pepper.
    • Place a sheet of tinfoil and parchment paper flat on a work surface, with the parchment paper on top. Place the pork joint in the middle, and like a gift, wrap the parchment around the pork, with the folds to the top. Similarly, tightly wrap with tin foil, with the folds to the top and making sure there’s no gaps. The idea is to create a parcel of two layers, that will gently baste the pork in its own juices (but keeping the folds to the top so you can easily unwrap it).
    • Put the ‘pork parcel’, into a baking tray and put it in the oven. Turn the heat down to 160°C and cook for 2–3 hours (the longer, the better).
    • Now it’s time to crisp it up. Carefully unfold your pork parcel, to expose the top of the joint. Make sure you don’t unfold it too far, or the juices will run out. Equally, make sure you unfold it enough so that the parchment doesn’t burn on the grill.
    • Turn on the grill and place the joint in the middle of the oven. It’s important that the meat isn’t too close to the grill; otherwise, it will burn and the fat will splatter, creating an awful mess. Grill for 20–30 minutes until the fat is beautifully golden and blistered, and it makes a hollow sound when you tap it!
    • Allow to rest for at least 15 minutes, then carve into chunky slices and serve with sesame & ginger cabbage.

    Bon App!