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Avocado boats

Preparation time: 

Avocados, your new best friends (or maybe you already have a love affair with them). Avocado boats are a great way to increase your daily fat intake, fill a hunger gap, and make for a speedy lunch if you’re pushed for time. An avocado would be lost without its best mate, salt, so make sure you give them a generous pinch! Avocados are nature’s bowls, so fill them with what you fancy to make a delicious and satisfying meal.


1 avocado

A note on cooking
I encourage you to embrace a freestyle way of cooking, and use this recipe as a guide. Don’t get too caught up in measuring things exactly — you can eyeball most things.

Cooking should be relaxing, unfussy and an opportunity for you to exercise your creativity. Don’t forget to taste as you go along, and use your intuition with flavours.

Trust your instinct, on whether it needs more of this, or more of that — cook to what you like!




    Here are a couple of suggestions to transform the humble avocado into something worth yelling about. Have fun with it and create your own, based on what you like.

    Cut the avocado down the middle, twist the two halves to separate, and remove the stone.

    1. Drizzle with a good extra virgin olive oil, a twist of pepper and pinch of salt.
    2. Top with a dollop of cottage cheese (longley is low in carbohydrates), a pinch of salt and a dash of smoked paprika.
    3. Drizzle with your favourite chilli oil or sauce, a pinch of salt and squeeze of lime.
    4. Drizzle with a good extra virgin olive oil, a twist of pepper, a pinch of salt, and a squeeze of lemon
    5. Top with some grated parmesan, a twist of pepper and pinch of salt.
    6. Top with finely sliced bacon or lardons (no sugar added), and a twist of pepper. Don’t throw away the bacon fat— top the avocado with it!

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