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Span delivers behavioral care from clinicians for lifestyle, nutrition and mental wellness, plus evidence-based programs, all within a single platform.
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Our customers love how we help them attract talents and empower them to measurably improve their health. And we've got the customer satisfaction to prove it.

1 in 2 employees lives with a symptom

Our mobile app provides care from top nutrition and mental wellness clinicians, home blood tests for general health & COVID-19 antibodies.
It's a risk factor for COVID-19 and impacts productivity, with direct costs in absenteism and presenteism of £1700 per employee per year.
We leverage 20 years of experience informed by clinical evidence to reduce risk factors and deliver remission of chronic disorders.

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Join our customers who are wellness leaders. It's a pillar of their company culture and they leverage Span to support their employees during the COVID-19 transition.