Live better, longer

A clinically-proven approach to gain energy, sleep better, control hunger, and lose weight.

Looking for a long-term fix?

Medication and supplements alone can only go so far.

Why not say goodbye to these symptoms for good?

Blood sugar, overall results & hypertension are not improving?

Lacking energy, experiencing brain fog & difficulty to lose body fat?

Feeling constantly hungry, craving sweets & sleepy after lunch?

What you can achieve

Clinical studies have shown these average results

Sleep better, have more energy, and improve your overal physical ability

-23 lbs


Decrease chronic inflammation (CRP), improve glucose and cholesterol ratio


Reduce inflammation

No more brain fog, control hunger, reduce your risks of heart and brain disease


Improve memory and cognition

That's where we come in!

We design a medical nutrition plan that fits your metabolism.

Our plans are based on the latest clinical evidence, and delivered by our team of experts.

Ongoing care
in the palm of your hand

How Span works

Book a free consultation to assess your metabolic health, from the comfort of your home.



Rachel and Adam will guide you to introduce changes to your diet step-by-step, and monitor your progress.


Optionally, we send a blood test kit & electrolytes to alleviate your symptoms.


We work with you in making these changes sustainable long-term, helping you to live better and longer

And no more waiting for your next consultation!

You can ask anything, anytime. We’re your personal support team.

Get started

Take the guesswork out of your nutrition

Metabolic Care

FOR everyone

Tailored nutrition plan
Step-by-step changes
Weekly articles & recipes

Chat and video consultations

Blood tests
Glucose and ketone meter
or continuous glucose sensor


/ month

Cancel anytime

We're glad to have you onboard!

Look out for an email with the next steps
and if you need any help, contact us at

Meet your team

We understand you because we've been in your shoes.

We care from first principles, with an educative approach to medicine.

Patrick Samy

Chief Executive Officer

Product & Care

In remission of diabetes, previously at Techstars, Microsoft, and researcher at Stanford University.

Rachel Lett



Cancer survivor, chef in a past life, specialised in nutritional ketosis and gut health.

Adam Bataineh

Chief Medical Officer

Therapy & Clinical Studies

NHS internal medicine doctor, worked with thousands of patients in East London.

Lucia Aronica

Research Advisor, Stanford

Awarded researcher in epigenetics, currently focusing on the largest nutrition study to date.

Mike LaVigne

Product Advisor, Clue

Years of experience in user research, co-founder and chief product officer of the period tracking app Clue.

Renee Harris

Clinical Advisor, ICON

Designing and managing clinical studies for medical devices, including Medtronic, US leader for diabetes.

About Span

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