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Navneeta, busy mum who restored her metabolic health

Rachel Lett, RNutr

Chief Care Officer


Meet Navneeta, health mentor and busy mum of two beautiful children👩‍👧‍👦

Aged 37 years

Officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 2019 — although, previous blood records in 2016 indicate prediabetes with HbA1c at 5.9, but wasn't diagnosed at this time

Has lowered HbA1c to 5.2, lost 6 stone (since 2018), no longer has inflammation and thriving more each day 💪

Practices mindfulness, low carb diet and intermittent fasting

Supplements daily with Symprove, magnesium citrate or malate, and occasionally with a good fish oil 💊

Favourite food is roast aubergine 🍆, cauliflower and fresh out the oven pork crackling!

Likes to sit in the moment with a hot drink☕️, sing out to some music🎤, look out at a beautiful view 🌄 and get foodie inspired by any of my favourite recipe books or insta family🥑. But most of all, getting a cuddle and a kiss from her kids is everything — they are her 🌍.

Initial health goal was to lower HbA1c to normal range ✅. Now looking to stay in remission for 5 years!

Motivation for change is for herself, her health and longevity.

Curious to know more about Navneeta?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's article "In conversation with Navneeta". We delve deeper into how she restored metabolic syndrome and became a health mentor.

Navneeta has been a thriving member of Span since 2019 and now we're proud to announce her as our partner.

This inspiring woman champions mindfulness, modified keto diet, a low inflammation lifestyle and breast feeding. She's a powerhouse of knowledge and experience with a lot of pearls of wisdom to share. If you're looking for support, motivation or inspiration, get in touch with her at Let's Eat Better Together.

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Take care 👋

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