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How Nutrition Affects Your Mental Health

Rachel Lett, RNutr.

Chief Care Officer

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We all intuitively appreciate that a healthy diet can make you look good, but what about how it shapes your mental health?

Everyone has mental health and an astonishing 1 in 4 people will experience some form of mental health problems every year.

Sadly these rates are spiralling upward in parallel with metabolic syndrome and consumption of processed foods.

Our advisor Dr. Shebani Sethi Dalai, Director of the metabolic psychiatry at Stanford University, focuses on treating mental health symptoms through metabolic health.

In an episode with Dr. Mark Hyman, she takes a deep dive into insulin resistance, inflammation, and oxidative stress, which drive conditions like depression, anxiety, addictive behaviour, and even psychosis.

"There are higher rates rates of nutritional deficiencies and insulin resistance among psychiatric patients, and similarly, those with obesity have higher rates of mental health problems — the mind-body relationship is very much bidirectional"

Dr. Sethi Dalai explains that nutrition is at the very bedrock that restores these metabolic pathways and returns the (complete) body-mind to a state of homeostasis.

In other words, you can optimise your brain health (and metabolism), by integrating a well formulated, wholefood, low carb diet.

Today, conventional psychiatry primarily uses medication to treat disorders. This approach stigmatises mental illness as an emotional or chemical imbalance that is 'managed'.

On the other hand, looking at mental health through the lens of metabolism opens up an avenue for holistic treatment and remission — mental illness is not your destiny.

Dr. Sethi Dalai's approach is leading the way in redefining psychiatry where the individual is in control.

Remember that we all have mental health, and when you have those down days, ask yourself, "am I feeding my brain with the right fuel?". A slight shift in your eating habits may make all the difference.

Check out the video to learn more about Dr. Sethi Dalai's protocol (that we use at Span) and take the first step in reclaiming your mental health.

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Take care 👋

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