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Patrick Samy

Chief Executive Officer, Head of Product

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You’ve probably experienced a traditional clinical setting, where your doctor doesn’t have much time to spend with you when it comes to chronic conditions and symptoms.

To educate you, provide the feedback you need, teach you how to interpret it and provide you with the support you need to make the changes that will keep you healthy— all on a daily basis, you would almost need a doctor dedicated to you and only you.

As a result, you feel first lost, then overwhelmed with conflicting information you get from your doctor and find online, and struggle to take control of your condition.

Our healthcare system is saturated. And not just because of the current health crisis.

That’s where we come in

We have the time, the experience and the right feedback tools to empower you to reach the nirvana of maximum healthspan. 🧘

We believe chronic care should be simple, continuous and personalized.

We’re designing a novel model of care exactly like this for the digital world.

Picture this 📷

Hop on your app store of choice to download our mobile app: you can browse your condition or a symptom you feel, and then sign up for therapy. 

In a matter of days, you’ll receive your onboarding kit. After your first blood test, a set of structured steps will be available within the app, so you can understand your metabolism and take control of your condition.

“The best part? A medical doctor and nutritionist in the palm of your hand!”

We design a lifestyle that you can enjoy, with realistic goals, for your optimal healthspan and lifespan. 🧘

Not so fast, though 🏃🏽‍

We’re not selling dodgy supplements, nor a fad diet. Although it’s highly personalized, designing this type of  therapy requires thorough medical research and clinical trials. This allows us to define therapy protocols, in collaboration with science advisors from institutions we work with, such as Stanford University.

Let’s start with one thing, and do it well

Amazon didn’t start selling everything on earth on day one: they started with  books 😉Focus is key to success: our initial target is type 2 diabetes.

Clinical trials have repeatedly shown how nutritional ketosis helps reverse insulin resistance and creates a sustainable path to remission. 

Our therapy has been carefully designed based on these clinical studies by Adam, our Chief Medical Officer.

This is how it works:

  • We provide you with a smart blood tracking device for glucose and ketones so that together, we can understand your metabolism’s baseline 📈
  • Your doctor Adam and your nutritionist Rachel will receive the data and send your macronutrients: the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats you should eat on a daily basis 🥑
  • You can easily shop and cook using the nutrition guide that automatically adapts the list of recommended foods based on your target 🎯
  • For example, by scanning barcodes at your local supermarket, the app tells you whether you can have specific foods and provides an ideal portion 🍽️
  • We send you supplements in your onboarding kit to help you alleviate symptoms at the right time — such as temporary dizziness linked to a loss of minerals while your body is adapting 🚰

Any questions? You can ask them at any point on the dedicated chat.

We’ll also send you informative articles written by our talented team. Our goal is that you quickly learn about your condition to reassure and empower you along your journey. 💪

Though our program and our support, you will begin to feel better and your health will improve as you see tangible results.

“I just got back from an important doctor visit. Glucose was 85. My new a1c….drum roll please….4.9!

It’s a dark and raining day outside but the sun is shining bright on me today. Life is good!”

— John, ex-diabetic

The future of digital therapies 👩‍⚕️

Insulin resistance has been linked with increased risk of cancer, obesity, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Researchers and doctors are already leveraging nutritional ketosis to reverse it and designing therapeutic protocols for other conditions.

You can expect to see digital therapies popping up on the Span app for these chronic diseases in the next few years. 📱

Like what you’re hearing? 🤩

Next up, I’ll tell you more about the healthcare model for chronic disease, why it’s outdated and how we designed for these issues when building Span.

If you’re interested in joining Span, download our mobile app on www.span.healthor contact us at to learn more.

Til next time 🙌🏽


I’m sure you’re curious about the science behind all this 🔬 Here are some recent medical publications about this topic:

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