4 Best Low-Carb Festive Drinks

Rachel Lett

Head of Nutrition & Content

Last week I posted about the top 12 low carb canapés. This week we've got drinks covered — plenty of warming spices to evoke a Christmas cheer.

Here are four, low-carb festive drinks you can raise a glass to!

A word of warning if you're drinking alcohol over the festive season — alcohol tolerance is significantly reduced when you eat low-carb, and feeling tipsy after half a glass of wine is not unusual 🥴(once again, low-carb saves you a few pennies!🤑).


1. Eggnog

Creamy, light and boozy, this is a guaranteed spirit raiser.

2. Hot Chocolate

This is a grown up hot chocolate — lusciously thick, smooth and bittersweet.There have been requests to sell it at Christmas markets... it's that good!

3. Mulled Wine

Done well, mulled wine is a winter highlight — gently spiced and warming, it's a perfect antidote for chilly evenings. More often than not, it can be cloyingly sweet and an excuse to offload cheap "wine" onto guests. This recipe is stripped back. It uses a finer wine and has a hint of sweetness. Warming spices are at the forefront, and the wine doesn't get lost... there's no disguising chemicals here!

4. Spiced Pumpkin Latte

The Christmas coffee cups are out and that means pumpkin spiced lattes are back on the menu. Here's a creamy, low carb version, with warming autumn spices

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